"The Man in the Café"  
is a 2019/20 German/Argentinian/Suisse/Holland 
Comedy-thriller film directed by Benito Gutmacher. 
Starring: Carlos Trafic with Araceli Fernández González, 
Maja Stolle, Ullo von Peinen and Analia Linder.

The screenplay was written by Benito Gutmacher and Carlos Trafic 
in Amsterdam in 2010 and was inspired by the duo theatre play “Initiation”
 which had been created (by Trafic/Gutmacher) in the city of Freiburg in 1981 
and performed all over Europe and Majors Theatre Festivals 
during more than 20 years. 
The movie was done as a Jubilee marked the 40th anniversary of "Initiation".
The Film has been shot in the small Cult-City Coffee-Shop 
Café Ruf (Ruef) in the Kartäuser street, Freiburg i. br.
located in the "Black Forest" Southwest of Germany. 
The actors and crew from different countries spoke English as a second main language. 
The Corona virus Pandemic led to the screen premiere suspension 
and delayed to sometime during 2021.

The movie has been release in the Internet in Vimeo.

“The Man in the Café” 
has been official selected
for competition during 2021
 in differents online contest film festivals:

London Best Feature Film Award(Selected)
Prague International Monthly Film Festival.
ARFF Amsterdam // International Awards (Finalist)

After 31 years of treating patients, the famous psychiatrist 
Dr. Fred Morris became obsessive. 
He wants to find out who is that man in the café opposite his building. 
Never before, he saw someone with such a power of communication. 
However, it does not seem so easy to get in touch with that man. 
When finally he meets him, he experiences the most incredible event of his life.
 A Comedy that turns into a Thriller.

The Man in the Café – Trailer